QuickPot ® Trays


  • QuickPot™ has more than 130 different tray configurations to choose from.
  • QuickPot™ trays are made of heavy-duty re-usable polystyrene and treated with care will last up to 10 years and more, making the overall cost per plant very low indeed.
  • Most QuickPot™ trays are made with large base holes to allow easy plant removal with the use of a push-out plate.
  • These large holes and the protrusions in the cell base as well as the “cut in arch base” ensure excellent drainage and oxygen supply.
  • The high quality and rigidity of the QuickPot™ trays allow for efficient handling, filling, seeding and plant extraction.
  • All trays nest well and built-in destacking lugs ensure easy separation of trays by hand or by machine.
  • The smooth surface enables easy cleaning and disinfecting, both chemically and by hot water treatment (up to 70°C / 16°F).
  • All QuickPot™ trays can be recycled.


QuickPot ® Trays


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  • The HerKuPak™ range is a less expensive alternative to the stable QuickPot™ trays.
  • Despite being made out of thinner material a 20 mm. rim around in the edge of the tray makes it easy to handle.
  • HerkuPak™ trays are suitable for automation.
  •  More than 100 models direct from stock 

HerKuPak ™


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Paperpot Trays


Plug Extractor


Plug Extractor, for loosening and removing plants from QuickPot™ trays. 

This mobile device is foot operated and requires no electricity, hydraulics or compressed air.
The standard push-out plates are simply screwed onto the push-out table. 

Push - Out Plate Model AP


 Push-out plates, for easy plant removal. Most QuickPot™ and HerkuPak™ have a corresponding push-out-plate.  

Push - Out Plate Model MP


 Plastic, cylindrical pins that can be replaced individually.  

Push - Out Plate Model BS


 Push out plates with extra-long and sturdy pins for deep trays (tree trays)