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Damcon Multi-Trike

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The Multi-Trike high clearance tractor of Damcon is a tool carrier in high crops planted in rows. Heights up to 9 ft. 10 inches and row distances of 31 and 58 inches or more are possible.

The Multi-Trike high clearance tractor is multifunctional. The high clearance tractors can be provided with various mounting attachments, for crop treatment as well as for soil tillage. All the different jobs can be done with one tractor. Thanks to the 3-wheel concept more than one row can be processed in one time.

The high clearance tractor found its way to growers of Bare Root Trees, Christmas Trees, Ball & Burlap Growers. Also Row Crop Growers and seed producers use the Multi-Trike.

The biggest advantage of the Multi-Trike is working in more than 1 row per pass. This saves you time and money.
The high clearance Multi-Trike can be used for cultivating, mowing, spraying drop down nozzles, boom or hooded single row herbicide attachments, as well as fertilizing attachments.

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Quick Facts:

  • 4 cylinder water cooled Kubota Tier 4 diesel
  • For fertilizing
  • For spraying
  • For weed control
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Process 3 or more rows at once

Additional Items Available:

  • Air conditioning
  • Enclosed cab
  • Side mount digger
  • Sun screen
  • Under cutting blades
  • ​Wheel covers for plant protection


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Damcon Field Planters

Damcon PL 10 Planter


 The smallest tree planting machine in our program. These machines are very suitable for planting root stocks, whips and conifers.

The PL-10 is available as a 1-row, 2-row, 3-row and 4-row machine.
To pull a 1-row planting machine a tractor with 20 hp is needed, for the 4-row machine a tractor with  85 hp is needed.
These planting machines can be provided with a 5, 10, 15 or 20 cm planting element.

Capacity varies between 4,000 – 5,000 trees per day (PL-10/1 row) and 16,000 – 20,000 trees per day (PL-10/4 row).

Those tree planting machines can be equipped with a Block Planting Distance Indicator. 

Standard Attachments:

  • plant storage box
  • 2 fill discs
  • ​4 mechanical adjustable depth wheels

Planting Shoe Width Options:

  • 2 inch
  • 4 inch
  • 6 inch
  • 7.75 inch

Planting Depth:

  • 10 inches 

Attachments Available:

  • Extra plant storage box
  • Plant distance marker
  • Row marker
  • Steel pressure wheels with ridges instead of pneumatic tires

Damcon PL 30 - 90 Planters


  ​The PL 30-90 series Damcon transplanting machines are useful for planting bare root trees and larger conifers. The planters come standard a single roto-tiller to loosen soil in front of the planter. The PL 30 and PL 40 come with 2 mechanical adjustable height wheels. The PL 75 and PL 90 come with 4 mechanical adjustable height wheels. All 4 machines come with a PTO connecting shaft for the tiller. 


Planter Opening Widths:

  • PL-30: 11.75 inches
  • PL-40: 15.75 inches
  • PL-75: 29.50 inches
  • PL-90: 35.50 inches


Planting Depth:

  • PL 30: 10 inches 
  • PL 40: 12-14 inches 


​​Planter    hp        Capacity per day

-​ PL-30     40 hp    3,000-4,000

- PL-40     55 hp    3,000-4,000

- PL-75     120 hp  500-1,500

- PL-90     165 hp  500-1,500

Block Soil Drill (Stop & Start)


 This machine allows you to drill holes for planting. It is available with 1,3, or 5 drills ranging in diameter from near 6 in. to 39 3/8 in.  and 15 3/4 in. to 39 3/8 in. in length. Other sizes are available upon request. 

Available Drill Sizes for 

WBS, WB 1, and WB 3:

6 in. diam.x 35 3/8 in. length
7 7/8 in. diam. x 35 3/8 in. length
9 7/8 in. diam. x 35 3/8 in. length
11 3/4 in. diam. x 35 3/8 in. length
15 3/4 in. diam. x 35 3/8 in. length
19 5/8 in. diam. x 35 3/8 in. length
23 5/8 in. diam. x 35 3/8 in. length
31 1/2 in. diam. x 35 3/8 in. length

6 in. diam. x 23-5/8 in. length 

7 7/8 in. diam. x 23-5/8 in. length 

9 7/8 in. diam. x 23-5/8 in. length 

11 7/8 in. diam. x 23-5/8 in. length 

15 3/4 in. diam. x 23-5/8 in. length 

19 5/8 in. diam. x 23-5/8 in. length 

23 5/8 in. diam. x 23-5/8 in. length  

31 1/2 in. diam. x 29-1/2 in. length 

39 3/8 in. diam. x 39-3/8 in. length 

6 in. diam. x 15 3/4 in. length 

7 7/8 in. diam. x 15 3/4 in. length 

9 7/8 in. diam. x 15 3/4 in. length 

11 7/8 in. diam. x 15 3/4 in. length 

15 3/4 in. diam. x 15 3/4 in. length


Planting Trees & Poles with Damcon PL 40 Tree Planter

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Damcon HSD-I Stake Driver

 This bamboo cane driver is useful for mounting in the PL-40 tree planting machine.

Planting of trees and bamboo cane driving is happening in the same working passage.

Capacity of this bamboo stake driver is 3.000 – 4.000 bamboo stakes per day. The pulling tractor needs 85 hp.


Necessary Horse Power                 80hp

Necessary oil pressure/volume      2538 psi at 6.6 g/min

Adjustable pressure of the clamp   Std.

Perpendicular adjustable clamp     Std.

Adjustable height of the clamp       Std

Input stakes p/d                              3000 - 4000

Weight                                            441 lbs.

Stake holder                                   Optional

Damcon Pruning Platforms

HSP 251


HSP 300


HSP 450


 We offer a wide range of pruning platforms. Standing heights varies between 2.51 meter and 4.50 meter.

A Damcon pruning platform can be provided with various power sources. We deliver them with petrol, diesel and electric engines.

It is also possible to order a width adjustable pruning platform. This adjustable width offers you the possibility to work in the small as well as in the broad rows, without leaning out of the platform.

The electric pruning platforms can be provided with a solar panel. The battery will be charged constantly when sunny.


Damcon Cultivators

Additional Information

 Damcon Cultivators from 26 in. wide to 57 in. wide with Kress Finger Weeder
The finger weeder is a wheel with synthetic fingers which are driven by multiple tines on the bottom which grips in the soil. Kress provides finger weeder disks with diameters of 14 ½“, 21 ¼“, and 27 ½”.
The finger weeder is designed to remove weeds up to the edge and into the middle of the plant row without damaging to stem of the plants that are being weeded. In this way, the area which is normally not touched by a mechanical hoe, is now reached and weeded as well. The finger weeder can be used independently or in combination with other machines, for example a cultivator.The cultivators used with sweeps shovels, crumble roller and the Kress finger weeder makes easy work out of field weeding. 


Product Information:

Sizes                        Small, Large, Maxi
3 harnesses             Soft, Medium and Hard
Time of use              About 10 days after planting
Attachment               Front, rear, between the axles
Row distance            Small: from 25 cm 9 ¾", large: from 40 cm 15 ¾“, maxi: from 90 cm 35 ½“
Clearance                 19 ½“ – 31 ½“ (can be higher by request)
Working depth          ¾“ – 1 ½“
Working speed         3 – 9 mph

Finger Weeders on Damcon Cultivator

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Schrauwen Field Soil Drill



Schrauwen Field Soil Drill

 Once you have surveyed or lined your field to be planted, this Field Drilling Machine can be pulled behind a 60 Hp tractor to dig 2 or 3 rows continuously (tractor does not stop). It can drill around 7000 holes per hour at 31½” plant distance. The row distance is fixed but the plant distance can be adjusted to the desired length.  

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