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 Hort. Tech Systems is proud to serve the horticulture industry with the leading Nursery Automation Products & Services from some of the world’s best vendors.

Nursery Automation, Damcon MultiTrike , sprayer, cultivator, trimmer, digger process 3 rows per pass


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At Hort Tech Systems we focus our energies on finding solutions for our customers. Our goal is to provide innovative systems that will increase your productivity, consistency, and quality of salable product. From hand held machines, field crop production systems, material handling systems, potting solutions and tray automation, we work to find solutions that meet your needs. Hort Tech Systems works with vendors worldwide that have tested and proven their products to assist your nursery automation needs. Our goal is to provide our clients equipment that we proudly stand behind. We are committed to being the best horticulture wholesale suppliers for the industry. 

Featured Products

Field Production Systems

Nursery Automation Equipment, tree spades, tree planters, Balled & Burlap, sprayers, digging machine

Field plant production equipment from Damcon, Schrauwen, and Lommers. These vendors are world leaders in producing nursery automation equipment.

Flat and Pot Fillers

Nursery Automation, Flat Fillers, pot fillers, canning potting machine,

Flat and Pot Fillers from Pack Mfg making the make the best in nursery automation equipment

Potting Machines


Potting machines from 4" to 7 gal. containers. Our potting machines help you with all your nursery automation equipment needs.

Tree Spades & Digging


Tree spades from 8" to 96".  Digging and lifting equipment for all your field needs

Soil Mixing Systems


Soil mixing systems from 1/2 yard to complete in-line continuous mixing systems to provide the best in automation equipment.

Material Handling Systems

Nursery Automation, Material handling systems to move flats and pots with minimum effort

Material handling systems to move flats and pots with minimum effort and reduced costs adding to your every automation equipment needs

Trimming Systems

Nursery Automation, Root Trimmer to cut roots on trees to plant into containers.

Trimming systems for containers and for field production that provide the very best automation equipment.

Washing Systems


Washers for both containers and flats to help with any nursery or Greenhouse operation


QuickPot® and HerkuPak® Propagation Trays

Herkuplast trays are made of heavy-duty reusable polystyrene and treated with care will last up to 10 years and more, making the overall cost per plant very low indeed  

Label Applicators


Label applicators to apply pre-printed labels or labels that are  printed using a programmable label applicator.

Hand Held Tools

Hand Held tools that make your job easier.

Hand held tools that make jobs just a little easier.

Green Elf Fertilizer Applicator


  Easy to use systems that make life just a little less stressful.  

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