Green Elf Fertilizer Dispenser

Green Elf Fertilizer Dispenser

Green Elf Fertilizer dispenser

 The extremely fast electronic shot-by-shot dry grain applicator. An essential tool for plant nurseries using granular fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. 

Fertilizer dispenser,

Green Elf Fertilizer Dispenser


● For Medium Sized Granular Materials [fertilizers etc.]Most Controlled and Slow
● Release Fertilizers (CRFs/SRFs)
● Some Pesticides
● Other Dry Free Flowing Granular Materials – with predominant size range of 2-4 mm in diameter.
● Dose Range: 2.5g – 78g* (Now with 250 adjustable dose settings)
●Hand-Held (HH): Top-Dressing Applicator with 5kg/11lb or 9.5kg/21lb Tube Storage capacity.
● Automated Industrial (AI): Applicator for all automated production setups.

* Results based on Scotts® Osmocote Exact CRF. Results may vary for different materials due to their density and flowing characteristics.




  • 15,000 to 30,000 shots a day
  • 40,000 shots on a single charge
  • Count monitoring for each job for each shot applied
  • Electronic dose control
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Fast payback and ongoing savings on labor and material costs
  • Light and flexible
  • Light-touch electronic trigger
  • Rotational freedom
  • Single-shot and pace-firing modes


  • 2 year warranty on parts including battery
  • Authorized service center in the USA
  • Compared to thumb spring applicators, won't slow productivity
  • Consistent dosage
  • Eliminates waste
  • Eliminates spoon fertilizing 1 scoop at a time
  • More consistent than plunger applicators
  • Pays for itself with 150,000 applications

GreenElf Applicator 501-HH the Fast Fertilizer Applicator