forklift for transporting nursery containers

The Combi-trac has been specially developed for working in the nursery as a light weigh highly maneuverable forklift using either pallet forks or nursery container transport forks. The Combi-trac has its own weight of ± 2535 lbs. and is therefore extremely suitable for driving on a container yard. By means of a pot fork mounted on the Combi-trac with a quick-change system, a large number of plant pots can be taken from the buffer table and brought to the container yard. Where necessary, double air with freewheel can also be mounted. The Combi-trac is very maneuverable thanks to the slewing ring control with hydro engine.

low ground pressure forklift fork truck for pallets or nursery forks

Weight: 2381 Lbs.

Motor: Kubota Diesel 

Driven:  Hydraulic automotive pump

Turning circle: 10.5 ft.

Speed: 14.91 MPH

Max Lifting capacity (with 264.55 lbs. counterweights): 1433.00 lbs.

Maximum lifting height: 5ft. 8 in.

4 hydraulic functions: 




4th extra hydraulic function 

2 lights on the front, 2 lights on the back. 

Combi-cooling system (cooling the engine and cooling the hydraulic oil)